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Isfana Water Project

Feasibility Study

Bente Knoll, managing director of B-NK GmbH, holds the position of an international gender and social key expert.

The overall objective of the Assignment is to prepare a Feasibility Study (FS), which the Bank can use to appraise the Project and take a decision on the prospective financing. The FS will provide an overview of the Company’s procedures and technical, operational, environmental, social, and financial performance, and should form the basis for agreeing on the Company’s restructuring objectives in the loan document (e.g. reduction in water losses, improvements in tariff collections, standards of treatment, etc.).


Juni 2017 bis November 2017
Büro für nachhaltige Kompetenz B-NK GmbH;
AQUA PRO – Consultancy for Water Management;
Auftraggebende Stelle:
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

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