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Umwelt & Nachhaltigkeit

Zukunftsfähige Berufe am Arbeitsmarkt. Status quo, Einschätzungen und Perspektiven

The project “Sustainable Environmental Careers in the Labour Market” starts at the interface between the requirements of the labour market and the background knowledge, competencies and skills of graduates of environmentally related training courses.

Companies and organisations which operate thematically in the environment and sustainability areas and/or implement environmental or sustainable strategies internally are analysed and included in qualitative surveys. The understanding of representatives of the labour market about environmental professions and the necessary skills and competences required as well as respective organisational forms are examined. The project results are put into context with the findings of the project “Environmental careers – modern and communicated diversely?” by surveying the perspective of pupils and students in environmentally-related training courses with regard to their future careers. As a result, a wide-ranging research report as well as a contribution to the publication “Education for an Austria worth living in – education and consulting report 2016” will be developed.


Beiträge zum Projekt