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Umwelt & Nachhaltigkeit

greening UP!

Nachhaltige Grünpflege, Wartung, Instandhaltung von vertikalen Begrünungen inkl. rechtliche Aspekte

The basis of the project is a wide-ranging survey of the initial state of selected interior and exterior green walls. Both users of the walls as well as stakeholders are involved in the process. After that a concept is developed to provide information about plant care, maintenance, management and control of the systems while taking legal building regulations into account.

Apart from beneficial effects on the urban climate, façade greenings and vertical greenings in indoor spaces greatly enhance quality of life for the urban population leading to positive changes in the living and working environment. The project consortium’s experiences show that the care and maintenance of both interior and exterior green walls is often neglected. Innovative facade greenings in particular are perceived as technological products. The necessary long-term care and maintenance of systems which work with the material “plant” are often not considered. The findings of the project (know-how about garden care and maintenance, etc.) address the owners and users of the green walls. The “greeningUP!”-knowledge pool provides the know-how generated from the project and should be made easy to understand for the target group. Furthermore, knowledge gained is processed using a tool called “first green aid”.


Beiträge zum Projekt