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Umwelt & Nachhaltigkeit

UMWELT-Berufe – Einblicke in die Welt der umwelt- und technologieorientierten F&E-Berufe

Nowadays it is difficult for children and young people to become motivated or enthusiastic about applied research. In the project “Environmental Careers” pre-school children and pupils of all school levels are introduced to age-appropriate study programs and possible professions taught at the University of Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) with the goal of arousing their interest in research, technology and innovation.

Through age-appropriate activities such as research and experimentation workshops or specially designed speed-dating-events with role models who are all BOKU graduates or researchers the children and young people gain insights into environment-orientated education in the fields of natural sciences, technology, social sciences and economics offered at the BOKU. Practical elements in the lessons give the participants the chance to explore and experiment on their own and allow a look behind the scenes of BOKU’s different professional fields. Using innovative pedagogical and experimental concepts the children and young people can encounter the various career options on offer at the BOKU.

To make the job profiles at the BOKU more appealing and tangible to children and young people workshops, excursions and promotion weeks which include speed-dating-events with representatives of the various professions are organised with the help of representatives of the various fields. Both a theoretical as well as practical overview of the diverse possibilities was offered.
Role models (BOKU graduates and scientists) who report directly from their everyday life in their profession or research play an important part here. Role models are recruited on the one hand from the pool of BOKU scientists of which those with a migration background are particularly welcomed. and on the other hand from the pool of BOKU graduates who work in research and development for non-university research institutions or in companies. When choosing these “practice” researchers graduates involved in international and intercultural research are particularly welcomed.

The workshops, excursions and promotion weeks help awaken the interest of children and young people in the study programs of the University of Life Sciences (BOKU) and encourage their natural curiosity. Through an active involvement in the events, the curiosity of children and young people is aroused. New experiences and perspectives gained of the various occupational fields help provide initial orientation and encouragement for young people to pursue a career in environmental- and technology-orientated R&D-professions.

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