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Grünes Planen, Wohnen und Leben

Smart Pölten

The design of green and open spaces as a dynamic field of development for quality of life through social innovations
The project „Smart Pölten“ consistently focuses on creating social innovations with a broad “social impact”. Both traditional as well as innovative elements of green and open space design form the basis for this project. These elements are realised at several different locations called “stepping stones” and are based on an empowerment-led participative process with the local population of St. Pölten.

Cooling urban oases with a high level of communication are being created through the entire city and stretch like stations of an “urban green infrastructure” from north to south throughout St. Pölten. By using a bottom-up approach which requires the participation of the local residents the following elements are implemented: (a.) mobile urban pocket gardening, (b.) demonstrations of an „edible city“, (c.) green walls/green street furnishings, (d.) a climate-research-laboratory for children and (e.) a collection for free initiatives which support the idea of a smart green city.

Key parts of the project besides the green innovations are about developing a model, evaluating the social impacts as well as the process innovation in order to enable sustainable implementation by the residents. Due to the actual installations spread throughout St. Pölten, the city itself is a large-scale test bed.



Beiträge zum Projekt