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Menschen mit Demenz im öffentlichen Verkehr

Empirical data and literature research of a preliminary project are the data basis. The project focuses on people affected and the perspective of their relatives along with the development of a guideline. The key issue of the focus groups is gathering experiences and stories of travelling with people affected by dementia on public transport (bus, train) and in the public space and answering this question that what specific effects dementia has on out-of-home mobility.

Experiences and stories of people with dementia, their relatives or other carers as well as experiences of employees of public transport companies form the basis of the guideline. Furthermore, international sample models will be identified and aspects which are relevant for the situation in Austria will be analyzed.
In the second step, the experiences of employees of public transport companies with physically mobile people with dementia and their relatives and friends will be surveyed. To achieve this, we conduct focused groups with employees of different public transport companies in three different federal states in order to seek for the broadest possible basis for the Austria-wide survey.


Beiträge zum Projekt